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Community Gender savings and loan Association

Beneficiaries  of the project title Community Gender savings and loan association- A livelihood project that gives women access and control over economic resources Gender-Based violence on their 2020 annual savings and loan association

Youths Empowerment Engagement

Youths empowerment engagement to enhance the capacity of young people to expand Livelihood intervention in their various Communities

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Covid-19 Prevention Advocates

Youth champions trainings to take the lead on awareness raising of the Corona virus Disease in local communities.

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Supporting Covid-19 Survivors

Livelihood Development for Human rights promotion Distribute food supplies to Corona virus survivors during their discharge from treatment centers.

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Economic Empowerment

Livelihood Distribute business materials support to vulnerable households’ members in our village savings and loan association (livelihood project) after a business Development skills training workshop.  This support is giving to parents through which they can establish mini-businesses to continue their community group savings activities. The profit generated here can be used to support their children’s education.

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Women listening to a teacher

Survivors of Gender Based Violence

Director is facilitating a women economic empowerment training to survivors of Gender-Based violence in The Western Rural District of Waterloo-Sierra Leone Freetown.