What We Do

Our passion for a developed livelihood system for vulnerable women and children and to contribute to the SDGs in our communities has lead us to channel most of our resources on the following projects.

Financial Inclusion

Women financial Inclusion and Livelihood Sustenance Initiatives

Prioritizing girls Education Empowerment project-


Happy Children

Child Protection


Agriculture and Skills Training


Health and Sanitation

Women financial Inclusion and Livelihood Sustenance Initiatives

This Project is Targeting Vulnerable Women who are entirely Excluded from Financial Services due to their poverty status. They are either illiterate or semi-illiterate and do not have any form of collateral.

Education For Children/Child Investment For Education Initiatives

This project seek to address the challenge of vulnerable school going age children in Sierra Leone who have been faced with the challenge of not accessing education for the 1st 2-to 4 weeks of schools reopening due to their parents/guardian inability to support them.

Happiness for a Girl Child

This project is targeting the girl child within their puberty age to support them with sanitary logistic at home and in school when they experience their Monthly cycle. It is a very stressful moment for teenage girls and worse when they are in school.